Scholedge R&D Center


Scholedge R&D Center has been pursuing the conceptualization and development of the research domain. The issues which have an impact on the general state of the various disciplines have been given due attention while undertaking research publishing assignments. The core of the research publishing lies in the sophisticated editorial processes. At Scholedge R&D Center, we have experienced in-house content assessors with the back-up and patronage of our editorial boards. Every submitted research has to under-go a very strict anti-plagiarism checking mechanism. It is only after plagiarism check, we refer the submitted research for editorial review. For developing the research domain, Scholedge R&D Center has modulated three research publications with established worldwide readership in libraries via our institutional partners. For promoting the published works, we have entered many Content Sharing Agreements with leading content repositories internationally.

  • All the Scholedge Journal are free publications. There is no fee or charges of any kind to be paid by the authors. There is no article processing or publishing fee. All the accepted articles are published free of charge.

Scholedge R&D Center publishes three research publications, namely:

Scholedge International Journal of Multidisciplinary & Allied Studies       For more information about the journal, click HERE.

monthly peer-reviewed publication covering multidisciplinary areas i.e. Information Technology, Engineering and Technology, Applied Sciences, Mathematical Studies, Natural and Life Sciences, Developmental Sciences, Social Sciences, Media and Communication Studies.

Scholedge International Journal of Management & Development      For more information about the journal, click HERE.

A monthly  peer-reviewed publication covering management and development areas i.e. Management, Economics, Business, Finance, HRM, Marketing, IT in Business, Industrial Relations, International Business and Management Development.

Scholedge International Journal of Business Policy & Governance     For more information about the journal, click HERE.

A monthly research publication covering business policy and governance areas i.e. Business Policy, Economic Policy, Strategic Management, Strategic Planning, Strategy Implementation, Corporate Social Responsibility, Stakeholders Management, Corporate Governance and Public Policy Management & Governance.



Followings are the leading research repositories where the Scholedge Journals are included and listed: