Scholedge Publishing is a professional institution engaged in the review and publishing of scholarly research works of subject scientists and scholars from across disciplines. Scholedge Publishing being a signatory to the Budapest Open Access Initiative advocates for the open accessibility of the published research works to enable the community to gain more and latest information on the published domain.

We have developed institutional partnerships with EBSCO USA, AIRITI Library China, WorldCat USA, BASE Germany, Crossref USA, J-Gate India to share and make the published articles/papers available in almost every institutional library worldwide so that the scholarly knowledge is spread with a commitment to achieve a considerable high readership to our published papers.

Additionally, we follow the best global practices in scholarly publishing. We have developed infrastructure to check the plagiarism and overall originality of the submitted articles to ensure that only eligible and scholarly articles are processed for review. To ensure the permanence and persistence in the identification of the published papers, Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) are assigned to the published papers so that the same are easily and uniquely identified in the scholarly crowd. For this purpose, Scholedge R&D Center is a member of PILA Inc. USA to assign the Crossref DOIs to the published papers/articles to ensure a permanent credit to our published authors.

Scholedge International Journal of Multidisciplinary & Allied Studies ISSN 2394-336X MIAR ICDS Rank: 3.5 (2017)

Scholedge International Journal of Management & Development ISSN 2394-3378 MIAR ICDS Rank: 5.5 (2017)

Scholedge International Journal of Business Policy & Governance ISSN 2394-3351 MIAR ICDS Rank: 5.5 (2017)

At present nearly 8000 libraries worldwide have access to our published papers via our institutional partners; more information on this can be explored by visiting the webpages of the concerned journal under ‘Indexing section menu’.

The Scholedge research journals have institutional arrangements to promote the published papers/articles in libraries worldwide to ensure that the published authors gets an established large readership. At present, the Scholedge journals are available in 8000+ libraries* which provides the Scholedge authors a large base of readers and the high cite-ability to their published papers. All the papers published in the Scholedge journals are made available in the Crossref Metadata Search, EBSCO Databases, WorldCat Databases, Airiti Databases and many more indexing resources which achieves and ensures an established readership to the published papers.

The Scholedge journals collaborates with the ORCID IDs of the authors in order to auto-update their published papers in their ORCID Public records via Crossref-ORCID auto-updation.

Followings are some of the leading research repositories where the Scholedge Journals are indexed and abstracted in full text:

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*Scholedge Publishing and above mentioned libraries are not related with each other in any way. All entities are independent of each other. Above libraries weblinks are shown just for indicating as to the availability of the Scholedge content via its institutional partners i.e. EBSCO, WorldCat, EZB, AIRITI, CNK Scholar, J-Gate etc.