Publishing ethics & policies

Adoption of ethics is very important thing to create an environment where all the stakeholders are benefited. Scholedge R&D Center has also adopted very independent and transparent methods and follow the best practices of scholarly publishing.

Copyright Policy: The copyright in respect of all published papers in the Scholedge journals is held by SCHOLEDGE R&D CENTER. The authors by submitting their manuscript(s) to Scholedge journal(s) understand and agree to the same. The detailed SCHOLEDGE Copyright Transfer Agreement is available here for author(s) record and information.

Publishing ethics and publisher: The publishing ethics directly regulates the behavior of the publishing institution to adopt and follow all the practices which are catalyst for the growth of the stakeholders’ trust and addition of the value based knowledge.

Publishing ethics and researchers/authors: The publishing ethics are the tools for sensing the confidence while submitting their research works to the publishers for the review and possible publishing of their article. The authors need to be apprised of the set of processes which will be carried out in the processing of their article/papers.

Publishing ethics & readers: The publishing ethics while directing the publishing conduct of the publishers and ensuring the publication of the genuine authors and their scholarly writings impact the content quality of the published works. What readers want, this question will be addressed to a large extent as far as the ethics based publishing is there in place while reviewing and publishing the scholarly works.

Addressing the plagiarism: Scholedge R&D Center ensures at all times that only original works gets reviewed before their publishing. All the submitted articles are first examined as to their originality. Un-original articles are rejected without referring to the reviewers. The authors are advised to take extra care while quoting the works of other by properly citing the original authors in the references part of their ‘to be submitted’ article/papers.

Authors’ Guidelines: The submitting authors are advised to visit the journal specific webpage to explore the submission guidelines before submitting their research articles to avoid any rejection.