WhatSurdo: A Strategy to Simulate the Real Communicational World in Low Income Schools

WhatSurdo is a didactical material for stimulating writing and reading by simulating cell phone interaction in a dynamic way. It involves a 2D-representation of an instant messaging application, WhatsApp, simulating the reality of those who use it to communicate. Due to this stimulation that allows the students active participation in a practical (typing/writing adding figures/making draws) and theoretical (Language grammar) learning perspectives, it permits not only repetition but also thinking, feedback and assessment. This technology simulation was tested with four deaf students to evaluate its inclusive and stimulatory features. Whatsurdo has potential to help teachers to teach language to kids at different ages, including those with special needs and particularly those of low income schools and/or without contact with this kind of technology.

Full text paper is available at: http://dx.doi.org/10.19085/journal.sijmas030401